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Dianne Onesti, Board President Testimonial

“I can say with complete confidence that hiring KareCondo as our property manager/partner was one of our board’s best decisions. We have been through some challenging times with our community. Our prior experience was without the benefit of a well-organized and equally well-executed property management service. Bruce Cedar and his team bring professionalism, expertise, and proactive management to their associations. This relationship has improved our community overall and positively impacted the entire board experience.”

Roger Edwards, Board President Testimonial

“Under the leadership of Bruce Cedar, I have high regard for the service provided by Kare Condominium Management Company (KareCondo). In nearly eight years as a board member of our Association, I have found the staff of this firm to be professional, effective, efficient, and sensitive. As with any organization and/or association, problems do arise and exist. KareCondo responds promptly and with appropriate correction. I heartily endorse KareCondo and would be happy to talk with other Associations regarding their services.”

Jim Dagley, Board Treasurer Testimonial

“I have been a member of our Board for 9 years.  During that time we have had three different management companies.  Kare Condominium Management Company (KareCondo), under the leadership of Bruce Cedar, is by far the most effective management company we have had.  Bruce brings knowledge, expertise, and leadership to the company. They use current technology for record keeping and communication.  The employees are friendly and responsive to the needs of our association.  I recommend KareCondo to anyone seeking a professional association management company.”

Susan Carpenter, Board Secretary/Treasurer Testimonial

“Trust is the foundation of a successful relationship between a condominium association and a management company.  We had many problems with our first two management companies: being treated like renters instead of homeowners, having work orders delayed for months, using inadequate or improper accounting procedures, being lied to on a regular basis, phone calls and emails ignored, and much more that convinced us we were getting very little value from our relationships.

Therefore, we interviewed three management companies in early 2010 and hired KareCondo shortly thereafter. Our homeowners are now treated with dignity and respect, work around the property is completed in a timely fashion, our finances are managed in a transparent manner, phone calls and emails are responded to quickly, and all communications have dramatically improved.

KareCondo has also assisted in assuring that we have all the proper insurance and fidelity bonds in place to protect the Association from liability and we have followed their lead and began scanning all association records so that we are as paperless as possible.

It is a pleasure to finally have a management company with which we can have a productive working relationship.”

Ramona S. Weber, Board Treasurer Testimonial

“As a Board Member, I have worked with two different management companies. The experience with the first management company was fraught with problems. However, after working with KareCondo, I have discovered that management companies are not all alike. KareCondo is a totally professional and very responsive business which is more than willing to discuss with and inform Board Members of problems and decisions. They have given us sound advice and have negotiated contracts with vendors to provide the Association with the best quality services and goods for the money and yet maintain our high standards.

We are working very hard to make our Association as ‘green’ as we can, and KareCondo has worked with us in this endeavor. Because of KareCondo, our Association has timely administrative support, accurate monthly financials, yearly budget proposals, and daily supervision of the grounds. Prior to each monthly meeting, the Board receives financial reports defining income and expenditures against the budget, daily telephone records, maintenance requests and maintenance logs as well as other detailed correspondence needed in preparation for the meetings. We now have a solid working Reserve Account for the Association, and we are funding it monthly without increasing our assessments. We are pleased with the assistance and guidance we receive from KareCondo and I highly recommend them.”

L. Brad Shotwell, Board Vice-President Testimonial

“Nearly two years ago, the board on which I serve hired KareCondo to help our association recover from felonious actions of our previous management company. Since that time, Bruce Cedar and his capable staff, including an in-house CPA, have provided strong support and sound management in developing procedures for our board to run more smoothly. He has assisted us in examining our fee structure, managing daily details, contracting for necessary maintenance services, and coordinating with contractors and legal counsel. His ‘no-nonsense’ management style helps our meetings to run smoothly and efficiently. His detail-oriented method of follow up leads to an efficient and thorough completion of business. He is ever available and quick to respond to needs between meeting dates. He has encouraged us to develop a long-term plan so that our board can operate more seamlessly when new board members are elected. In my estimation, KareCondo has been an asset to our association and continues to provide excellent management services.”

Tom Marshall, Board President Testimonial

“Our Association has utilized the services of KareCondo for the past decade. During that time we have found the management services of Bruce Cedar and his team to be excellent. I offer the following examples: Financial Services-Reporting is timely and accurate, with expenditures and banking information provided in exacting detail and easily audited. Communications-Calls and emails from our residents are managed with courtesy and in a timely manner. Contract and Service Management- Vendor contracting and performance management are done proactively and in a professional manner. If problems develop, they are quickly remedied. Beyond these important and specific areas of service, Bruce and the staff do a great job of knowing how to interact with our Board and the ‘unique’ profiles each of the Board members may have. I would recommend KareCondo to any Association seeking professional and competent property management.”

Bradley A. Lohan, Board Treasurer Testimonial

“Bruce Cedar and the Kare Condominium Management Company (KareCondo) provide professional property management at a reasonable cost. I am the controller for a construction company and real estate developer. I have been a condo board member for over five years – including serving as treasurer for most of those. I am pleased to provide this testimonial.

Our board has had the opportunity to work with a number of property managers and a variety of property management companies over the years. None of them compare to Bruce and the KareCondo team. KareCondo has helped make us a more effective and more efficient board of directors. KareCondo manages the property which allows the board to focus on the management of the association.

KareCondo takes care of all the details so we don’t have to. Plus, they do a great job. They have forged relationships with a number of preferred providers which means better service at a lower rate for the association. I can’t say it any simpler than that. If you are in need of an association property management company, you need to call KareCondo.”