“As a Board Member, I have worked with two different management companies. The experience with the first management company was fraught with problems. However, after working with KareCondo, I have discovered that management companies are not all alike. KareCondo is a totally professional and very responsive business which is more than willing to discuss with and inform Board Members of problems and decisions. They have given us sound advice and have negotiated contracts with vendors to provide the Association with the best quality services and goods for the money and yet maintain our high standards.

We are working very hard to make our Association as ‘green’ as we can, and KareCondo has worked with us in this endeavor. Because of KareCondo, our Association has timely administrative support, accurate monthly financials, yearly budget proposals, and daily supervision of the grounds. Prior to each monthly meeting, the Board receives financial reports defining income and expenditures against the budget, daily telephone records, maintenance requests and maintenance logs as well as other detailed correspondence needed in preparation for the meetings. We now have a solid working Reserve Account for the Association, and we are funding it monthly without increasing our assessments. We are pleased with the assistance and guidance we receive from KareCondo and I highly recommend them.”