Overview of Maintenance Services

We believe that developing long-term relationships with local vendors allows us to cause reliable, timely maintenance to be performed at a reasonable cost and that auditing their work on a regular basis ensures that you are getting what you’re paying for.

Breakdown of Services

Our Maintenance Services Include the Following:

  • Track Work Orders
  • Acquire Multiple Proposals for Contract Work
  • Supervise Licensed and Bonded Vendors
  • Assist with Developing and Implementing an Annual Maintenance Plan
  • Perform Regular Onsite property Audits to Ensure the Quality of the Vendor’s Work and Provide Minor General Repairs at a Below-Market Hourly Rate

Roger Edwards, Board President Testimonial

“Under the leadership of Bruce Cedar, I have high regard for the service provided by Kare Condominium Management Company (KareCondo). In nearly eight years as a board member of our Association, I have found the staff of this firm to be professional, effective, efficient, and sensitive. As with any organization and/or association, problems do arise and exist. KareCondo responds promptly and with appropriate correction. I heartily endorse KareCondo and would be happy to talk with other Associations regarding their services.”

Need Maintenance Help?

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