Overview of Information Security Services

We believe that protecting your association’s personal information is one of the most important management services that we perform.

Breakdown of Shredding Services

Every sheet of paper discarded in our office is shredded onsite by a third-party shredding service, and a “Certificate of Destruction” is provided each and every time this occurs.

As an added benefit, shredding also allows for all the paper in our office to be recycled, thereby having a positive effect on the environment.

Breakdown of Data Security

Your community data is housed on a 5 RAID server, which is backed up offsite on a continual basis protecting your data from being lost. 

The server modem has a firewall, and security software is in place to protect your data from being hacked.

Dianne Onesti, Board President Testimonial

“I can say with complete confidence that hiring KareCondo as our property manager/partner was one of our board’s best decisions. We have been through some challenging times with our community. Our prior experience was without the benefit of a well-organized and equally well-executed property management service. Bruce Cedar and his team bring professionalism, expertise, and proactive management to their associations. This relationship has improved our community overall and positively impacted the entire board experience.”

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