Overview of Administrative Services

We pride ourselves on providing the Board of Directors with detailed reports of all aspects of the services we provide to assist them with the decision making process.

Breakdown of Services

Our Maintenance Services Include the Following:

  • Assist Owners with Questions
  • Field Telephone Calls, Emails and Concerns, and then Direct to Proper Channels
  • Facilitate Escrow Demand Statements
  • Facilitate HOA and Condo Questionnaires
  • Distribute New Owner Packets
  • Provide Board Education
  • Maintain the Association Corporate Book
  • Assist with Homeowners Meetings (Annual & Special Meetings)
  • Assist in Drafting Board Resolutions
  • Compliance Letters / Rules Enforcement
  • Draft Meeting Minutes
  • Prepare Newsletters, Memos and Communications

Additional Services

We also offer the following administrative services:

  • Facilitate the Architectural Review (ARC) Process
  • Provide 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Perform Onsite Maintenance Inspections
  • Obtain Maintenance Bids with Recommendations to the Board
  • Oversee Large Maintenance Projects
  • Handle Insurance Claims
  • Work with Association’s Collection Agent (Attorney) to Facilitate the Collection Procedure
  • Assist in Association’s Legal Matters
  • Other Items as Requested by the Board of Directors

L. Brad Shotwell, Board Vice-President Testimonial

“Nearly two years ago, the board on which I serve hired KareCondo to help our association recover from felonious actions of our previous management company. Since that time, Bruce Cedar and his capable staff, including an in-house CPA, have provided strong support and sound management in developing procedures for our board to run more smoothly. He has assisted us in examining our fee structure, managing daily details, contracting for necessary maintenance services, and coordinating with contractors and legal counsel. His ‘no-nonsense’ management style helps our meetings to run smoothly and efficiently. His detail-oriented method of follow up leads to an efficient and thorough completion of business. He is ever available and quick to respond to needs between meeting dates. He has encouraged us to develop a long-term plan so that our board can operate more seamlessly when new board members are elected. In my estimation, KareCondo has been an asset to our association and continues to provide excellent management services.”

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