Overview of Board of Director Services

We pride ourselves on performing the day-to-day administrative and operational services on behalf of the Board of Directors so that they may attend to their daily lives and enjoy their community.

Breakdown of Services

Our board services include the following:

  • Attend Regular Board Meetings
  • Assist in Preparing Agendas, Notices and Reports for Regular Board Meetings
  • Assist in Acquiring Proxies and Ballots for Annual Membership Meetings
  • Confer with Board Chair as Needed
  • Supervise and Communicate with Vendors
  • Website Development and Maintenance

Tom Marshall, Board President Testimonial

“Our Association has utilized the services of KareCondo for the past decade. During that time we have found the management services of Bruce Cedar and his team to be excellent. I offer the following examples: Financial Services-Reporting is timely and accurate, with expenditures and banking information provided in exacting detail and easily audited. Communications-Calls and emails from our residents are managed with courtesy and in a timely manner. Contract and Service Management- Vendor contracting and performance management are done proactively and in a professional manner. If problems develop, they are quickly remedied. Beyond these important and specific areas of service, Bruce and the staff do a great job of knowing how to interact with our Board and the ‘unique’ profiles each of the Board members may have. I would recommend KareCondo to any Association seeking professional and competent property management.”

Need Board Help?

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