“Bruce Cedar and the Kare Condominium Management Company (KareCondo) provide professional property management at a reasonable cost. I am the controller for a construction company and real estate developer. I have been a condo board member for over five years – including serving as treasurer for most of those. I am pleased to provide this testimonial.

Our board has had the opportunity to work with a number of property managers and a variety of property management companies over the years. None of them compare to Bruce and the KareCondo team. KareCondo has helped make us a more effective and more efficient board of directors. KareCondo manages the property which allows the board to focus on the management of the association.

KareCondo takes care of all the details so we don’t have to. Plus, they do a great job. They have forged relationships with a number of preferred providers which means better service at a lower rate for the association. I can’t say it any simpler than that. If you are in need of an association property management company, you need to call KareCondo.”