“Trust is the foundation of a successful relationship between a condominium association and a management company.  We had many problems with our first two management companies: being treated like renters instead of homeowners, having work orders delayed for months, using inadequate or improper accounting procedures, being lied to on a regular basis, phone calls and emails ignored, and much more that convinced us we were getting very little value from our relationships.

Therefore, we interviewed three management companies in early 2010 and hired KareCondo shortly thereafter. Our homeowners are now treated with dignity and respect, work around the property is completed in a timely fashion, our finances are managed in a transparent manner, phone calls and emails are responded to quickly, and all communications have dramatically improved.

KareCondo has also assisted in assuring that we have all the proper insurance and fidelity bonds in place to protect the Association from liability and we have followed their lead and began scanning all association records so that we are as paperless as possible.

It is a pleasure to finally have a management company with which we can have a productive working relationship.”