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DuesPayment is a third-party payment processing service that allows small corporations,
like your association, to be able to accept various types of payments, e.g. credit/debit
cards & electronic checks.  This does not replace any form of payment that you are
already enjoying, e.g. auto-debit, check or some type of bill pay service through your

For each transaction there is a nominal convenience fee being charged by the third-party
processor to the Unit Owner that will be disclosed every time you use this service.  The
breakdown of fees is as follows:

Credit Cards                 3.99% of payment being made
Debit Cards                  1.00% of payment being made
Electronic Checks          $2.00  flat fee

Even though there is a nominal convenience fee, this option may allow you to avoid
paying an association late fee by making a last minute payment if you don’t get your
payment in the mail by the association’s late date.  This service also offers other
conveniences that may make the convenience fee worthwhile to you, e.g. text/email
notifications, credit card frequent flyer miles/points, etc.

Please utilize the "DuesPayment" logo hyperlink below to Login/Setup a new account.  

Contact DuesPayment at 866-807-0938 if you have any difficulty using their service.

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